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A culture worth everything | Why Hops Co. Exists

Drive, climb something tall, push my comfort zone, and breathe. I was obsessed with accomplishing overcoming my childhood fear, heights.

I made it a routine to bring myself to the brink of panic, right on the knife's edge until I could stare down at the ground from flights above and where I once saw my death glaring back at me, now just see the view.

This drive to find the things that lead me

to give up on what I want because of my fear and chase after them has been priceless to me, and it came directly from this cultural bubble we as parkour athletes can exist in.

I can't name an exact moment it started, but during this time there was a growing feeling that I needed to do something to share this with more people.

I feel that our mainstream culture is deeply rooted with chasing comfort and ease. These are great things of course, but when all we do is pursue the plush things in life, wtf happens to the things that take some bravery? We lose them.

Hops Co. was made as the vessel to grow and spread the values that are what has created this special culture we can be a part of. You don't have to go stand on the edge of a building to practice mindfully approaching the challenges in life that are intimidating and forming a path to overcoming them.

Starting this brand was a challenge of this sort for me! What we work to represent is a culture of people who encapsulate the beautiful parts of parkour culture that help us lead healthy, happy, and fulfilled lives through the art of facing the challenges in our lives.

Thanks for readin! Hope you enjoy knowing what's behind our products :)

See ya around! Don't forget to visit our shop on the way out <3


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