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-ORDERS FROM OUT OF SEASON COLLECTIONS MAY TAKE UP TO A MONTH TO FULFILL-*Pressed one by one, in-house in Southern California*

Before anything else, let me tell you Jonas and I tried our hardest to rip one of these apart, to no avail. Like we reeeeally tried to rip the seems, but they didn't even notice. This windbreaker will definitely last you a while. 100% nylon outer layer to keep you dry, with a super soft inner coat. Of course we hope you love the hand drawn artwork featured on the front and back. This collection will only be available throughout October, so get yours while you still can! 

Don't get caught windbreaker

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Hey! Something important to know about this product before you place your order: it's oversized!

    The sleeves in particular are rather loose. If your typical size is based on having a loose, flowy fit, sizing down is recommended. I wear XXL everything, and my XXL windbreaker looks ridiculous on me because the sleeve cuffs don't fit me.

  • Hey! You could say we're understaffed. We'll be getting you your order as fast as we can! Sometimes it might take a couple weeks to get your order out the door though, just a heads up.

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