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Aidan is probably the most loveable team member. Our certified golden retriever boi was bored one day at work and decided to doodle up some ideas for his signature shirt. This shirt is all drawn by Aidan! Honestly it really captures the chill and playful vibe Aidan brings to life. The phrase "Try your best and don't get hurt" as is on the back is partially a reminder he wanted to add for himself to not keep getting bonked. Something I'm sure a lot of us could use 😂

All our shirts now are super soft and comfy while also maintaining that durability we care about for jumping around in. Get it while you can! 

Aidan's Signature shirt

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Hey! You could say we're understaffed. We'll be getting you your order as fast as we can! Sometimes it might take a couple weeks to get your order out the door though, just a heads up.

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